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Portfolio Building Model Shoot


so PAC (Photographers Adventure Club), the photo club I am involved with sets up "Portfolio Building Model Shoots" once a month.  The idea is PAC members come to a designated location to hangout, talk, have a few drinks maybe some food and photograph a themed model shoot.  I think this is a great idea.  This gets people away from the computer and interacting with people in real life and experience working with a model.  

This past event was the first time I attended one of these events.  Since becoming a leader in our club it's my duty to make sure to participate and help out with more events.  I hadn't really planned on shooting but brought my camera just in case.  This particular nights attendance was down so there was room for me to jump in.  I really enjoyed the experience and our model  Vincent Alfonzo Jamal was outstanding.  I got some great shots and got to hangout with the great members of our club.

So this event is called a "Portfolio Building Model Shoot".  Even though I got some great images and shared them on Facebook I won't be adding them to my portfolio.  I don't feel like they deserve to be included.  I don't feel like they are completely mine to share and advertise as mine.  Yes I did push the shutter and give the model a little direction on what I wanted but that was all I did.  I didn't set the scene and I didn't set up the lights and I didn't even have to figure out my camera settings. All of that was figured out before anyone arrived to the event. All we had to do was show up aim and fire.  Of course I also edited the photos I took so I feel I really only should get half the credit.  I know I could set up the lights and figure out the settings on my own but I didn't for this shoot.  I only did half the work.


I'm not at anyway trying to take away from the event.  These are great events and a lot can be learned I just don't feel right including it in my portfolio for potential clients to see.

....sometimes I just need to ramble I guess