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Oceanside and the Jetty

Oceanside South Jetty

Oceanside South Jetty

We recently took a long drive to have a short vacation with friends in Oceanside, CA.

I had been having a feeling that I needed to smell the ocean air and feel the sand between my toes.  It had been awhile since we had been to the beach so it was time for all of us.

Of course being one of those camera carrying people I had a list of images I wanted to make.  Of course you have to expect not everything works out the way it's suppose to and you aren't gonna get that perfect shot every time.  The sunsets didn't cooperate once while we were there and the big crashing waves didn't hit when they were suppose to.  Of course we know this happens and you make the best of what you get and then you repeat the process over and over till you get what you had envisioned. 

Even though I didn't get everything on my list it was still a great getaway with friends.

We got in 2 full days of sitting on the beach, some shopping a lot of eating a little sightseeing and even got a farmers market squeezed in there.