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February 1, 2017 / the Gym

...so I took a few years off from going to the gym.  I have many excuses why. Life was happening, I didn't like the gym I was going to any more, laziness, didn't want to make time.  Well I finally reached a point I was feeling blah and icky so I decided it was time.  No this isn't a New Years resolution.  I really don't do resolutions.  I have goals i set through the year but don't all of a sudden on January 1st make a list of things I'm gonna fail at just cause it's a new year.  Well I guess thats a lie. I did make a list of goals. Either way they are just goals I want no matter what part of the year it is.

Anyways I joined a gym again.  This time i let the "Fitness Manager" sell me on a personal trainer. I came out of there walking a little funny after he sold me a new car, a boat an island oh and a personal trainer. It will be good in the long run to learn new things.  Yesterday was my first day with Charles the Personal Trainer.  Today I feel like i am in a full body cast. I'am unable to move.  Feels kind of good.  We will see what comes from it.