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April 01, 2017 / Laurie H — Senior Photos

This was a fun morning.  Laurie had scheduled to have her Senior Portraits done a few weeks earlier but the day of the shoot Mother Nature decided that was the day she was gonna make it rain all day.  We rescheduled and on this day Mother Nature stepped in and decided it was going to be a not a cloud in the sky hard sun light kind of a day.  That just makes for the most amazing photos ever when you are shooting outside.  (That was sarcasm)  Hi my name is Mr Sarcastic and I will be your pilot for the day.



We made the best of it as we searched for open shade.  I tried to find her a new family to join in her photos but she really wasn't interested.  Oh I didn't mention besides being a bright sunny day this was also the day that everyone in town decided to come out and have photos made.  So now we are dodging sun and dodging people.


Laurie was a lot of fun laughing at my dumb jokes playing along with my silly games and always smiling, even when I told her, "No you will not smile".

A few hours later and a blister we survived and made some great photos.