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June 26, 2017 / Zine

I have come across a lot of information lately about Zines. I have known about zines for a long time but never really gave them much thought.   For whatever reason it clicked. I should create one.  I should create one and use it for marketing myself.  I should create one marketing my headshot photography. So that is what I am doing.   I have the Headshot Zine almost finished.  Once done I'm hoping to pass them out at business' that I think could benefit and send some business my way.  Once my zine is done I will post a PDF version for all to see.  

I'm kind of excited about this zine thing.  It's fun building a alittle book for myself.   Maybe after this one is done I will work on others.  Maybe some kind of landscape zine or architecture or ............ 

It feels good creating something for myself.   

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